The Foundation COLLECTION VR D’AFFAUX has for object to accompany financially all the actions of general interest contributing to develop, to promote and to value the contemporary art and the artistic creation under all its forms and in all the domains of expression, that serve as large an audience as possible.

The statutes of this Foundation were signed in Paris the 28th of November, 2014.

The Foundation will to assure the preservation and the broadcasting of the COLLECTION VR D’AFFAUX, the creation of a public space dedicated to the arts and to the culture. The Foundation will to promote, through actions of pedagogy, in particular for the young people, to democratize the art and the culture, and to facilitate the access to the artistic creation.

The governance of the Foundation COLLECTION VR D’AFFAUX is insured by a Board of Directors which deliberates on the strategic orientations and oversees the functioning of the Collection. The Board leans on a consultative organ, the Investment Committee and made certify annually its accounts by Auditor.

Board of Directors

The Board is made up of three members, of whom a president. He’s in charge of the investment policy and the budget of the Foundation. The Board of the COLLECTION VR D’AFFAUX watches the alignment of the actions of the Collection on the long-term objectives defined by its statutes.

Investment Committee

Since the amount of the subsidy exceeds one million euros, a consultative Investment Committee will be established. The Investment Committee is made up of three qualified people in the financial management, appointed by the Board of Directors. The Investment Committee proposes to the Directors an allocation of assets and the investment and artistic strategy. He examines then the planned investments by the Foundation.


Selected by the Board, he certifies annually the accounts of the Foundation.