Preparatory drawing n°1 (The five Brides)


Preparatory Drawing n°1 (« The five Brides »), 2015


acrylic and charcoal on paper by Thibault Hazelzet, unique work


47,8 x 32,3 Inches


Drawing kept with 4 others in a box of display in oak designed and realized in collaboration by the artist and Virtual Reality of Arts


Inventory number VRA8



Before making his monumental sculpture "The five Brides ", Thibault Hazelzet drew 50 preparatory drawings representing the characters of his future work


The original sculpture “The five Brides” was on display at “Sevres Outdoors 2015”, in the gardens of the Ceramic City, (Paris, France) from May 20th to October 25th, 2015 (Group Show with 27 works of artist)

  • VRA8 - Thibault Hazelzet - Preparatory drawing n°1 (The five Brides) 2015
  • The fives Brides - Sèvres Outdoors - June 2015