The "Virtual Residency" is a virtual exhibition space dedicated to the french artist

Marcel BASCOULARD (1913 - 1978).

Forty-three years after his assassination, Marcel BASCOULARD remains an iconic curiosity of the city of Bourges (France). There he was the illuminated wanderer, a scholar marginal known for his meticulous drawings of the city. Self-taught, he is the only figure appearing in his work as evidenced by his photographs produced over thirty years, from 1942. These are full-length self-portraits in which BASCOULARD wears dresses that he draws himself and holds. a broken mirror, alone in exterior and interior settings.

Marcel BASCOULARD left at the age of 19 for Bourges where his mother was interned after having murdered her husband. He remained there until his death in 1978, having developed throughout his life a marginal and isolated artistic practice, consisting of drawings, photographs and poems. Marcel BASCOULARD thus staged the story of a character known to have been both a transvestite and talented tramp. His works have been regularly exhibited in Paris since 2016 at the Christophe GAILLARD gallery (Paris, France) which is patiently and brilliantly dedicated to the recognition of this extraordinary artist.

Marcel BASCOULARD (1913-1978)

Photo taken on May 14, 1958

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  • VRA Fonds MAB2 - Marcel BASCOULARD - Photo taken on May 14, 1958